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Amazon reserves the right to adjust the price of a title to ensure competitive pricing with other retail platforms and provide the best customer experience.For more information, please refer to our Terms of Use.The White House described the attack as a “warning shot” that was “necessary and appropriate” following Mr al-Assad’s alleged use of chemical weapons on civilians in rebel-held town Idlib earlier this week.

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The length doesn’t impact whether content is single or episodic.

Episodic content, in contrast, is a content with multiple parts. Instructional or documentary content could be either type.

A statement from the Russian Foreign Ministry read: "The very presence of US troops and other countries on the territory of Syria, without the consent of the Government or the decision of the UN Security Council is a gross, obvious and unwarranted violation of international law.

"If before it was due to the task of combating terrorism, now there is a clear act of aggression against a sovereign Syria.


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