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Diggy dating anyone

We absolutely adore her, as does everyone who meets her. We all want to get home as soon as we can so we can be with her!! There are two families at the boys new school with about 4 year old Pawfect Puppies!! I thought you might like to see a couple of pictures of our gorgeous Murphy taken recently at puppy pre-school where he was the star pupil!Our gorgeous furball is constantly hugged and pampered by the boys. My big boy is besotted & not one sign of allergy & Rosie is the first to greet him when he gets home from work in the evening…. Amongst other tricks my youngest daughter has taught him ‘bang bang’ where he jumps in the air before falling on his back to play dead. He continues to impress all who meet him and his cuteness is off the charts according to us and all who cross his path. Picking up my new Cavoodle puppy “Max” from your place along with the film crew from Bondi Vet was fantastic!

He has captured me – the big time wasting Teddy Bear …. There is something in her personality that is a testament to the way Pawfect Puppies works.He loves coming away in our motorhome & travels really well.He is really smart & loves doing tricks, especially if there is a treat." Harrison, who is hosting the competition on Sept. Thank you so much for bringing our beautiful girl Rosie into the world & to our family. Rosie comes everywhere she can with us, and on the days we are at work & school, she is so good at home with all her toys!! I thought you might love to know how she is going & how super loved she is.Everyone was so impressed with the environment in which your dogs & puppies are reared in as well as the professionalism in the actual handover.Having never owned a dog before I’m so glad I found you & Max. 2012 Update: Max can now open the mail – yes, that’s right, his latest trick is opening letters!Thank you again for our Banjo, he is the light of our lives!Our dear “Poppy” is the cutest fluff ball, who we adore.We took her to the local markets and ran in to a lady who had a Pawfect Puppy and she recognised Ruby straight away from her features…very interesting, couldn’t believe she did that. Max walks really well on the leash, comes when we call, has a fantastic time at the dog park with the other dogs (one of his favourites is a Great Dane! He really is the cutest, gentlest, funniest little puppy; we love him heaps.Loves to play games, still goes berko banana in the afternoon doing circles showing off like his Daddy Doodle did when we met him too!


  1. I have been meaning to email you for some time now and let you know how totally obsessed I am with my fur baby, Murphy. She is such a little angel and we all love her.

  2. Zepfan 19 February 2018 - PM And as far as chicas, I sure would love to meet up with local newscaster Ashlie Rodriguez of KUSI. Anyone short of her. I'm.

  3. Aug 13, 2012 Truth is “sushi” was just a leech trying to ride his way to fame. He had no real fans before dating Jasmine. He saw a chance to make it out of the land.

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  5. Diggy the American bulldog, who was only just rescued from a pound, now faces death because a New Jersey township mistook him for a pitbull after a viral pic of the.

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