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Dev dating cataracs

In 2003, the two joined together to create what is now The Cataracs (named after the phrase “Who smoke ‘til your eyes get cataracts” from Snoop Dogg's song “What's my name Pt. In the summer of 2006, they released their first album, Technohop Vol. In August 2006, the group joined with The Pack to make the single “Blueberry Afghani”.

The song soon became a hit and was chosen as a “Download of the Week” by 106 KMEL and many music sites such as The Fader, UK’s Hip Hop Connection and XLR8R praised it.

They produced "Kick Us Out" for pop trio Hyper Crush.

Find out where the Cataracs' name came from; how Hollowell-Dhar got one of their songs yanked from a radio rotation; and how he and former partner Singer-Vine first hooked up through music.

“I was looking forward to becoming an ant in China,” he explains. International success hadn’t been easy, even for a record as irresistibly catchy as “Like a G6.” “I don’t think Far East Movement’s label wanted it as a single because they didn’t own enough of it, but it was unstoppable,” he says.

It had been the most difficult decision of his life, but Singer-Vine had resolved to leave the music industry behind. According to Singer-Vine, The Cataracs owned about 75%-80% of the record.

Through Universal, they began producing music for artists such as Far East Movement and Glasses Malone.

As artists, The Cataracs received recognition through their 2010 single "Club Love", which received air play at clubs and on many different radio stations.


  1. Aug 12, 2013. The Cataracs have worked with Dev, the Far East Movement and more, putting their production stamp all over modern, West Coast street pop. work with me after hearing a song called 'Blonde Trick' that she had recorded into her laptop, about dissing a girl that her boyfriend at the time had dated before.

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