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Delete planet rock dating

Clark objects and tells him about how he gave up his first Christmas with Lana to help Chloe deliver toys.When Santa falls off, Clark saves him and sends him on his way. Scanlan explains to Lionel that Lex will most likely be paralyzed from the chest down because he is too unstable for surgery or transfer.An amazing episode, its basically a dark version of It’s A Wonderful life showing what could of happened if Lex had taken different choices, but as he awakes he’s learnt to take what he wants.The Santa story was fun Chloe left wondering if it really was Santa.Lois Lane and Grant Gabriel are kissing in a storage closet in the Daily Planet.She tells him that she doesn’t want to write the Lex Luthor exposé since it might raise eyebrows about her relationship with Grant. Meanwhile, Chloe Sullivan is trying to call Clark Kent, who has been missing for two weeks.

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Despite the fact that it doesn’t belong to her, she answers it and hears a mysterious caller tell her that Chloe has a bomb on her. Even though Grant seems to be concerned, Lex affirms that he always wins.

Lois’ cell phone rings and Adrian warns her to keep her mouth shut.

Clark suddenly reappears on the Kent Farm to find Lana in the barn. Lana tells him she has decided to stop obsessing over Lex, but Clark says he wants to see what she’s uncovered.

However, the man is innocent and he begins to walk away.

He falls back toward Lois, dead from being stabbed with a pair of scissors.


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