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David deangelo double your dating video

One thing i’ve learned living here is you can avoid this type of drama just by completely ignoring the energy.

There are well known guys on the North Shore of Oahu who are basically best known for being in a lot of fights. If you give people a reason to talk about you they will. If you sit down with anyone on Maui you can figure out someone who knows someone. Hopefully by a certain point guys start dating women who do not condone them starting drama for no reason.

I was once at a party in Kihei where a girl who was dating a Kihei kid went and told him that there were upcountry boys at a party talking trash about Kihei. Her boyfriend literally came to our party yelling Kihei Boy Crips, a gang affiliation which I can neither deny nor validate.

When I moved to Oahu I found that this style did not exist in the same way.

I once saw a brawl between football players and hockey players in Flagstaff, Arizona where a dude beat a guy up with his own hand.

He even kept on repeating “stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself.” Still I think the culture is different in Hawaii. This means that people are less likely to be seriously injured during a fight but also that people are more comfortable starting fights because they know they won’t be shot or stabbed. Fights on Maui tend to be lead to bad blood and lead to more fights.


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  4. Pacific Lumber was acquired in 1986 by MAXXAM, whose decision to double PL's harvest of old-growth redwoods precipitated 11 years of environmental protests.

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