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You can’t feel guilty about dropping 0 on a pair of sneakers when you’re going to be using them all the time and you need them to avoid injury. Some days, I might be focused on beating the people in my age group, and others I might just be looking to just beat my own previous time, but either way, running gives me that outlet. 🙂 Yes, these quirks probably mean I’m officially a weirdo, but I figure there must be some other crazies out there too. When watching the movie Good morning and happy weekend!

I hope you all have some fun Easter plans ahead of you this weekend. 🙂 Now before you get yourself all confused over this post title, let me tell you – .

I’m one of those people who does not understand the appeal of running. Often, they wake up early to get a run in before work. When you date a runner, you get to have some scheduled alone time into your day, which is really nice, especially when you’re leaving with them.

Being a runner (for me, personally) sounds like a fate worse than hell. While I absolutely have no desire to exert any aerobic activity with someone I date, I can safely say that runners actually make pretty fabulous partners. Runners work their asses off to the point that it’s almost obnoxious. This goes back to the fact that it takes a lot of time out of their day to go on runs.

I’ll be spending Sunday morning getting my long run done (8 miles this week! There’s always a lot of chatter at the beginning of races (usually about food – runners love to eat.) 2. Runners will bring home cool souvenirs and gifts from all the places we travel to run in.

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Think about it – do you really want to see a 300-pound linebacker in one of those little football tops and those super tight pants?

A volunteer along the course called out that we were the first and second women with boxes. I let myself relax and took walking breaks as needed, and tried to figure out the best way to carry the box where it wouldn’t bother me as much (I didn’t really figure out any good method.).

Finally, I came up around the final bend, and ran across the finish line with a chip time of – pretty solid for an extremely weird run.

This week, we’re talking about National Running Day. So far so good at the new job – I even went running with a group from the office on Wednesday night!

I celebrated this year with another after work run with my coworkers! Running around Boston was a little different for me, but something I think I’m going to enjoy.


  1. Fitness Singles is the world's largest online dating site for runners, cyclists, triathletes, bodybuilders, or any type of active singles.

  2. Jul 6, 2015. Running is great, runners are awesome, dating runners is not. On the outside we may look physically fit and attractive. We run off our stress meaning we often have a positive attitude. But deep down, we are hiding many dirty secrets. If you're thinking of getting serious with a runner, think twice. If you.

  3. Running Singles is an online personals dating service that brings runners and athletes together. Whether you're looking for a lover, a friend or simply a jogging partner, visit and create your profile for free at Running Singles.

  4. Feb 13, 2014. 23.6k. Shutterstock. 1. Any and all foot fetishes should just be checked at the door. You really don't want to know what happens to feet that log double-digit miles in a week. 2. But if you would like to gift your runner lover with a pedicure, they would be happy to accept. Yes, men need 'em, too. 3. At some.

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