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At the end of the day, with all these rules floating around, at some point, it would behoove every woman (me included) to sit down (alone), analyze her dating life, see what has worked, see what can use a little improvement, and adjust accordingly.

But most of all, he is passionate about helping people reach their goals and... He is a teacher, a personal trainer, and an entrepreneur.No, it’s not Steve Harvey pushing a new book or the New York Times riling us up for pageviews. I see potential for this series to take off, despite the fact they don’t currently have a budget.It’s the humorous stories of a single black male and single black woman and their adventures in dating, playing the game, whatever you wanna call it. So you’ll notice where some work can be done, but I think you’ll enjoy overall. Please take a look and share your thoughts in the comments. Basketball Guru turned Chassidic Jew hosts experts in Spirituality, Relationships, Business, Productivity, and Fitness. Listen in as he talks about the strategies for cold emailing prospects and also the nuts and bolts of scaling your business up!Each episode has a wealth of advice, wisdom, and practical tips that can push you forward and transform you into the person you want to become. Alex Berman is the founder and CEO of a marketing and lead generation...“Mission without action is nothing, and Action without mission is Nothing.” - Aaron Fletcher Aaron Fletcher is the founder of The Fletcher Method®, He is an online marketing consultant, educator, speaker and nationally published author of the new...After watching a dating segment on Bethenny (don’t judge), I became perplexed by the amount of dating rules discussed. If you meet someone at pm, and at pm on the same calendar day, you are naming future babies in your head, go right ahead. If you choose to sleep with everyone you date, no one can call you judgmental names, if you don’t share details. Yes, there are times strategically chosen friends are asked to chime in, to answer specific questions only. Now, if you need help, then ask a friend: In your opinion, what are my best traits? That is vastly different then asking, should I wait to text him back or not. There was one rule in particular that sent my eyebrows into a fury. STOP calling your girlfriends to run your side chick. Women share, but there is a difference between sharing and looking for a friend to endorse one’s dating life. He is a brilliant entrepreneur, the founder of Giske Business Network LLC, facebook groups expert, who has a passion of helping...Download As MP3 Let’s hear it from our Guest Speaker for today’s episode, Rabbi Schochet, as he talks about the diverse personalities, and moral standards of parents and children, then and now. In this episode, Trevor Crane shares his knowledge to help you redesign your business no matter how successful you are.Visit us at for recaps and bonuses for every interview in addition to a treasure of resources dedicated to help you grow. This is the last part of the series with our awesome guest, Nicole Jansen! The food for the soul is very essential in growing our spiritual life.Listen in as she talks about how to drive your passion and building a profitable business at the same time. Listen in as he shares his spiritual life journey, and how God gave him a life-changing moment when he decided to acknowledge and have a strong connection to God. Let's hear another great inspiring story of a blind man who always yearned to see and live in the light.


  1. Apr 27, 2014. This Bible study will help you discover evidence for faith; how to look and be your best; who can help; interesting information about dating, love and marriage; choosing a career; how to deposit good things into your brain you can spend; and how to avoid hazards that jeopardize a successful life on earth.

  2. Feb 24, 2014. Predictions for Dating in 2010. *** Admin Note *** Happy New Year That is all. - SBM ************* It is a new year and a new decade. It's funny as I get older the changes I have gone through and how my thinking has changed toward women, dating, love, and marriage. Things that used You're Dating My.

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