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Her son Devin is now an avid snowboarding enthusiast, and she takes him to the mountains when it’s the skiing season.

Fitzgerald also spends a good amount of time with his son.

So you heard plenty of noise when the 49ers did something worthwhile yesterday…

Fitzgerald, the best player in franchise history, the one player who has put together a Hall of Fame career in Arizona and Larry Fitzgerald is the second-most popular Arizona Cardinal of all time, behind only the late Pat Tillman, and he's as beloved off the field.

One of the things I love about online dating is that you don't actually have to leave the comfort of your own home so initial nerves can be dispensed with. )t's not just your typical twenty something and thirty something singletons - like me - that are looking for romance.

Of course once you've built up a good solid foundation with someone you can then choose whether to take it further and meet for a first date or not. There seems to be this notion that once you're past a certain age it's too late to find love and yet this couldn't be further from the truth.

Just because you're over fifty it doesn't mean your soul mate isn't out there too.

Angela Nazario claims she brought the couple's son to visit Larry at his Phoenix home last October when the former lovers began arguing.

S/O to @Nationwide & @jacknicklaus wishing you a great @Memorial Golf Tournament.

I suppose ‘turmoil’ is relative, as it can’t be all terrible to be a multi-millionaire celebrity in peak physical condition in the prime of your life.

Nazario alleges in her legal papers filed in Arizona, Fitzgerald attempted to "defuse the situation" by raising his fist and challenging her to a play fight.

The very next play, Fitzgerald, on 2-and-6, Fitzgerald grabbed a screen pass and was met by three Niners defenders …but he bounced off all of them, flailing and falling forward, knocked around a few more times, before extending the ball past the first-down marker.


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