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A number 9 Griswold pan is typically about 11″ in diameter, and a number 10 Griswold pan is usually about 11-1/2″ in diameter.

Different manufacturers have slightly (usually about 1/2″ either way) different measurements, but these measurements are typical for the Griswold pans. Because of that, all other things being equal,the 8 is usually less pricey than the 9, and the 9 less pricey than the 10.

If you have a ceramic cooktop, however, you may wish to give these issue some thought as you are making your selection. Slant logo pans are marked beneath the Griswold logo with “ERIE” or “ERIE PA. Also generally, the slant logo pans were manufactured before the block logo pans. However, some pans are particularly scarce in a particular combination; that scarcity would of course then increase the value of that pan.

The large logo pans have either a “block” or a “slant” GRISWOLD logo. Once a person has a particular pan or two, they often want to match additional pans; i.e. One very helpful reference guide for Griswold pans is “The Book of Griswold & Wagner” by Smith & Wafford.

The number of the skillet does not equate to the inches in diameter of the pan.

A number 8 Griswold pan is typically about 10-1/2″ in diameter.

While the heat ring adds collectible value, some cooks prefer not to have the heat ring on their pan.

Some cooks claim that the heat ring is not suited for cooking on a ceramic cooktop, because (a) it can scratch the cooktop and (b) the cooktop needs solid weight to fire up, and the fire ring leads to inconsistency in the heating of the cooktop.

These pans were not actually made by Griswold; they were made by Wagner.

As far as I’m concerned, small logo Griswolds are a great value.

The small logo pans are universally praised as great cookers.

If you find a pan that is marked Griswold and Wagner, it is not a Griswold pan.

Similarly, if you find a pan that is marked Griswold but it also says “MADE IN USA”, it was manufactured by Wagner and not by Griswold. Next in line are what is referred to as the Griswold “small” logo skillets.


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