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Dating ukrayna girls

1st rule The first time of contact, it is better to meet the girl at the airport, will resolve logistic problems and easy to transfer to the hotel or apartment.2nd rule Present yourself with simplicity and modesty and proud yourself to know their customs and life, avoid boasting (unfortunately very often).I made these simple considerations to give you an idea of Eastern girls, don't take everything with simplicity.In general the approach in every case was written with diverse interests of that of love, both for the foreign man and for the Ukrainian woman. Simply for a delusion of love, a lonely moment, or perhaps go round in circles but don't hit the nail, but a few times your mind takes you to considering the East as a probable approach for a life companion. At the same time it is good to specify that everything can be diverse from Ukrainian men who live with poor jobs and wages, who too often take to alcohol, the best way not to think about family responsibilities.Certainly returning to your country boasting to your friends with wild stories of sex with beautiful girls and lovers, lying so well, not knowing which is reality or fantasy.If you choose the first hypothesis then look for a companion that knows how to fill the gap left by other experiences, then we urge you to continue reading this book.

• riskiness grade 3 • difficulty of conquest 2 Very beautiful girls are aware of being this and exploit their beauty for their interests and life but can also fall in love and be eternally bound to their man.If you can't find flowers then a small low cost gift but useful or which serves to record your first meeting.4th rule Ukrainian girls are very proud of their country and life, to show you small things, for you normal, with pride, a new supermarket, a nice school, a nice building. I would like to add: What you don't like to do but would have to be done.I would like to insert in this little guide a virtual state of alert reported in grades both for the riskiness and difficulty of conquest.2nd rule Preferably the meeting must take place in the resident town of the girl, motivated girls have all the interest to make known their ambient of life, their work and family.3rd rule Avoid the difference of superior age to 15 years.I will not want to speak now of how to get to know someone or to contact, only some small things before contact (how to find and contact girls we will speak about later). This is a difficult answer and the rules that I write for you are 95% valid but exceptions exist and in rare cases you can reply with only destiny.1st rule Virtual contact is nice for only a short time, to avoid falling in an emotional chasm where you can get to know the girl within three months from the first contact (why waste time with virtual approach without sense when it's possible to chat with the same results with a girl from your country).I know that life can not be made only by rules but do you want to be loved or prefer a night of dreams and then bye?For the second hypothesis you close this book, take a hotel room in Kiev and take recommendations from the porter where to spend a lovely evening, to go to a nice Pub on the banks of the Dnipro and return with a beautiful girl that you can have for the whole night and only with a few hundred dollars less in your pocket, in the morning you will be satisfied but with an empty soul.


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