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Director of undergraduate studies: Mary-Louise Timmermans, 111 KGL, 432-3167, [email protected]; edu The Geology and Geophysics program prepares students for the application of scientific principles and methods to the understanding of Earth, the environment, and life on a regional and a planetary scale. It may be more appropriate for students who wish to major in two separate Yale programs, who study geoscience in preparation for a career in law, business, government, or environmental fields, or who decide to pursue a science major only after the first year.

Subjects range from the history of Earth and life to present-day environmental processes; integrating the study of Earth’s deep interior, tectonic plates, oceans, atmosphere, climate, land surface, natural resources, and biota. degree in Geology and Natural Resources requires fewer upper-level courses than the B. The prerequisites include mathematics (), and a lecture course in chemistry. Credit/D/Fail Geology and Geophysics majors may not employ the Credit/D/Fail option for prerequisites or for courses in the major.

Earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, landslides, coastal flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, and meteoritic impacts. Intended for non–science majors with strong backgrounds in math and science. For application instructions, visit the course site on Canvas @ Yale.

Examination of fossil and geologic evidence pertaining to the origin, evolution, and history of life on Earth.

After one year of college-level chemistry; G&G 110 recommended.

Introduction to sedimentary rocks as paleoenvironmental archives.

The emphasis of the curriculum is on employing basic principles from the core sciences (physics, chemistry, and biology) to further an understanding of Earth’s past and present, and addressing issues relating to its future. tracks emphasize hands-on research experience in fieldwork, in laboratories, or in computer modeling. degree, which is most suitable for students who wish to study geoscience as a second major, complementing other majors in, for example, Mathematics, Economics, Physics, Biology, or Engineering, and do so in preparation for a career in law, business, government, or environmental fields. program in Geology and Geophysics choose from four tracks: Atmosphere, Ocean, and Climate; Environmental and Energy Geoscience; Paleontology and Geobiology; and Solid Earth Science. The major requirements consist of at least nine term courses beyond the prerequisites. Seniors in both degree programs must prepare either a senior essay based on one term of library, laboratory, or field research (), which involves innovative field, laboratory, or theoretical research.

Topics include water's role in food and energy production, conservation and pollution, magnetic field generation, plate tectonics and volcanism, climate, and security.

Prerequisite: G&G 100, 110, or 115, or permission of instructor.

Approaches and technologies developed for geoscience that have been adapted and applied in criminal, environmental, historical, and archaeological investigations.

The architecture of continents and oceans; detailed geology of lithospheric plate margins and mountain chains.

Examples of plate-interaction histories from the ancient geological record emphasize the interdisciplinary approaches used to determine interlinked Earth-system processes involving the mantle, crust, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere.


  1. As part of the IRB process, the researcher is requested to identify and address the risks of harm or discomfort to which subjects may be exposed as they participate.

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