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Dating signs for the zodiac

However, when they use it for evil the destruction they cause can be catastrophic.First, let’s define what it means to be a narcissist: If you’re wondering, No, I did not just describe a Leo in the bullet points above.The psychology of narcissism fascinates me just as much as the ancient science of astrology.I’ve combined the two to give you a dose of “Astro-therapy.” Yassss readers!The only thing good about him is his tactless honesty and the zero’s in his bank account. It’s no wonder this Taurus was able to look past Trump’s personality to cash in on his success.Need help understanding why Donald Trump is the way he is?

A Taurus is not beneath hitting you or breaking shit to prove a point.

Taurus require a lot of attention in general but randomly opt to be alone at the most inconvenient times. Dealing with a Taurus you need to understand that it is required that you are always there for them when they need you but it is not required that they are always there for you! They have an annoying, parental style love that wants to take care of you and tell you what to do… Taurus has the ability to talk you into things you’d never imagine doing ever!

Inability to empathize: Many Taurus are prone to narcissism because it is hard for them to empathize with people. They are the sales rep at the used car lot who sold you a lemon for thousands of dollars over it’s value.

Virgos want you to be successful but not more successful than them, this is why the movie was inspired by an employee with a Virgo manager…

Narcissist secretly does not want you to succeed, neither does a Virgo.


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