Dating minton delft

Pitchers of every size and every naturalistic design poured water, milk, and cream. could include the name of the factory, the British registry mark and a lozenge-shaped symbol that, when deciphered, would reveal the date of registration of a design or shape, including the year and the date of design.A date code would reveal the exact date of manufacture of an individual piece, whereas earlier pieces of the same design would have an earlier date code.Popular patterns were pond lilies, storks, corn, pineapple, leaves, blackberries, roses, fish and the ubiquitous shell-and-seaweed.Josiah Wedgwood & Sons Josiah Wedgwood & Sons were some 10 years behind Minton & Co. Wedgwood glaze and modeling were more dense and formal than that of Minton, but there were many pieces that displayed the naturalism and humor of Minton shapes and was similar to those of Minton: cache pots, pitchers, candlesticks, cheese bells, umbrella stands, sardine boxes, plates in naturalistic patterns, bread trays and infinitum., was derived from the Spanish shipping port of Majorca.In Italy colorful tin glazes were applied over soft-earthenware shapes such as platters and pitchers.An impressed “M” signified majolica produced between 1873 and about 1888.

Rita and Ian Smythe, of Britannia, and Nicolaus Boston of the eponymous-named antiques shop, assembled an array of brilliantly glazed and dramatically sculpted majolica amidst curved walls and high ceilings.

The excitement generated by the richly colored majolica inspired Minton artists to develop art revival styles parallel to those of the Renaissance, Palissy design, Gothic revival and medieval styles, naturalism (by far the most prolific), oriental and Islamic styles, and figural pieces, both human and mythological.

Minton’s lead and tin glazes were impermeable to damp English weather: many pieces, in the shapes such as cache pots, urns, fountains, umbrella stands for large birds and animals, were made for the garden or conservatory.

The Victorian dinner table highlighted the growing Victorian interest in culinary variety: oyster, crab and lobster plates and fish platters were made in great numbers.

There were game designs illustrating the contents of the game dish, humorous and bizarre tea pots made for conversation at tea parties, cheese bells with placid cows as finials, and strawberry serving dishes and spoons used at strawberry-time.


  1. Choose from 100+ Antique Plates, prices from £100 to £30000. Only Genuine Antique Plates Approved. Date of Manufacture declared on all Antique Plates.

  2. Results 1 - 48 of 10253. MINTON Delft Porcelain Blue/White Tureen w/Lid, Excellent Condition, England. BEAUTIFUL PORCELAIN. The dinner plates, salad plates and bread & butter plates are back-stamped with the MINTON Globe mark and have impressed date marks from early 1900s to 1940s. The cup & saucer sets.

  3. Results 1 - 48 of 159. Dating to c1878. With cobalt blue printed decoration and gilding to edges. Fully back stamped for Mintons and registration diamond for c1878. In a very good antique condition. Size 12cm diameter. One porcelain deep dish /saucer by Minton. Back stamped for Minton Delft and with a registration.

  4. Set of 9 Mintons Bouillon Cups and Saucers ~ Exquisitely Decorated with Gold & Enamel Paste ~ Mintons Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire England 1890-1920 for Davis Collamore Fifth Ave New York 1890-1920. Timber Hills Antiques™. $1,250 USD SALE. 11 MINTON Delft lunch plates #G1613. Muses Antiques. 11 MINTON.

  5. Results 1 - 48 of 79. RARE MINTON CUP & SAUCER BAMBOO CHRYSANTHEMUM JAPANESE PATTERN 1872 to 1912. Rare Minton cup & saucer dating from the 1873 to 1912 by the backstamp. Appears to be in very good condition both cup and saucer. However the cup has a dull sound when tapped so there maybe a.

  6. Antique English Staffordshire platter made by Minton. The registration mark on the back of the platter is part of the Minton pottery mark and dates this platter to 1871. This large blue and white platter is decorated in the popular Delft pattern. It is actually flow blue without much of the blue flowing into the white background.

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