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As online dating popularity continues to soar, unfortunately the number of people falling for online dating scams is growing at an alarming number, too.

According to the latest stats from Action Fraud, online dating fraud in the UK cost victims a The easiest way to avoid falling for online dating scams is to wise up.

Whatever you do, don’t give out your surname or personal details including your address or where you work.

Have you noticed that your love interest initially talked about themselves, but they haven’t said much since?

They say flattery gets you everywhere, but in this case, it’ll get you nowhere. If they message you first, they are likely to say something that makes you feel like they are really into you.

This is your first warning sign, but wait for their next move before you dismiss them, as they could be a normal person who really does like you!

If you encounter this behaviour, it’s best to cut all ties and move on.

It might go against your feelings, but this person doesn’t care about you, they only care about getting your money. Those who have been divorced or widowed may be an ideal target for a scammer.

It won’t hurt to ask why a few days ago they said they were 10 when they moved to England, when today they mentioned they were born in England, for instance.

Under no circumstances - how ever much you believe them, or have fallen for them - send them any amount of money.

It’s not normal to send money to someone you’ve never met, it’s also not normal to ask for it!

That’s because a scammers past is made up, and it’s effort for them to remember which life story they are telling you, as they probably have many made up personalities, and are having conversations all day every day with new scam targets.

Your new love interest could well be a scammer if you feel the conversation is very one sided.


  1. Sep 2, 2016. The stigma around finding your partner online must go – it's just another place to fulfil the human need for love and friendship, a new book says.

  2. Apr 22, 2015. A Common Sense Guide to Dating & Relationships, recounts an unexpected matchup that led to true love, "We had a member a short while ago that we thought was a serial dater — the number of online messages he sent out was staggering, and his photos were of him in a beautiful Ferrari. The editorial.

  3. Feb 13, 2018. I frequently get requests from friends and readers to help them save a loved one from a romance scam. In most cases, a lonely friend or relative has been contacted by a younger, beautiful online-only personality and is unwaveringly convinced of the person's sudden, passionate requited love, even when.

  4. Aug 4, 2016. This real video diary shows exactly the kind of tactics that Romance Scammers use against men and women. It even shows the Whatsapp messages of the moment the scammer asked for money. This post is not intended to put you off online dating, far from it, in fact. Online dating should be fun and it is fun.

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