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"If they suffer from anything it is a low self-worth. Men who think they're real stallions just put me off.

"They might be rugby-playing hardmen with a poetic gift of the gab, able to talk a woman into bed - but underneath it all they are very vulnerable." Molly, now living in London, says men, especially those from the valleys, are "Mammy's boys". "I am surprised Welsh men have been so open about their worries because most men feel they have to put on an act." Kerry O'Connor, 17, unemployed, from Cardiff said: "I'm going out with a Welsh man and I certainly don't have any complaints about his performance.

"They need to drink less, eat less and get in shape to improve their stamina.

I'm amazed they were so open because I find them really big-headed." In the survey, two-thirds of Welsh men also admitted to being "depressed" over the way they look. But relationship counsellor Lucy Selleck said: "Far too much emphasis is put on technique and performance rather than emotion.

Following the Reformation, devotions at her shrine were suppressed, and the site itself quickly fell into disrepair through the effects of numerous sandstorms.

But just as the women begin to groan at the male self-pity, Molly Parkin, author of raunchy novels and magazine agony aunt, jumped to the men's defence.

In the tale told of her, Dwynwen falls in love with a young man named Maelon, but rejects his advances.

Stories differ substantially on the events that follow but the outcome remains the same. Dwynwen then prays for three requests (either given as a result of drinking the potion, or prayed for when she sees what happens to Maelon).

I've only ever had Welsh boyfriends so I don't have anything to compare them with.

"I don't really have any major complaints but I guess everyone could improve if they tried!


  1. Edward’s officer in south-west Wales, brought a substantial force of men to Ystrad Tywi, located in the northern portion of Deheubarth at the base of.

  2. By the statute issued at Rhuddlan in 1284 the principality of Wales is transformed into counties, on the English principle, to be. a century - till the.

  3. His father, Henry III, chose the name in honor of Saint Edward the Confessor, one of the last Anglo-Saxon kings, and the only king of England to be. In.

  4. In 1216 he was defeated in battle with the forces of Llywelyn and fled to England, where he died shortly afterwards. during the Welsh War of 1282&.

  5. In various calendars. Their actions lead to the final English conquest of Wales, by King Edward I of England.

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