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Dating in the 18th century

So they decided to knock the whole edifice down in favour of a new house of similar character.

“When we did that, Kildare County Council pounced and put a preservation order on it, despite there being no historical reference to or record of the building anywhere,” said Anne Jordan.

Ideally we want to have total control over how much air we're letting in to the building through designed ventilation systems, rather than cold air entering (and warm air escaping) uncontrolled through unwanted or unseen gaps.

Airtightness is typically measured in two units: air changes per hour (ACH) and air permeability (m3/hr/m2).

If the homeowners cannot make serious improvements to insulation and airtightness in the original building, they will have to continue spending huge amounts just to keep the temperature of the old, leaky house somewhere near that of the new, well-insulated extension.

The warmer it is outside the more efficient an air source heat pump is and the less electricity it requires to achieve the desired temperature." data-tiptheme="tipthemeflatdarklight"data-tipdelayclose="500"data-tipeventout="mouseout"data-tipmouseleave="false"data-tipcontent="html" class="jqeasytooltip jqeasytooltip71" id="jqeasytooltip71" title="Air source heat pump", with features a separate horizontal split evaporator that sits outside the house.

The system includes an 800 litre buffer tank and a 300 litre hot water cylinder with exhaust heat recovery from the bathrooms.

" data-tiptheme="tipthemeflatdarklight"data-tipdelayclose="500"data-tipeventout="mouseout"data-tipmouseleave="false"data-tipcontent="html" class="jqeasytooltip jqeasytooltip72" id="jqeasytooltip72" title="Airtightness"This refers to the heat and light energy that a building receives passively from the sun.

Designing a building so that the rooms that are used most during the day face south means they will get light and heat from the sun, reducing the need for mechanical heating systems and electrical lighting" data-tiptheme="tipthemeflatdarklight"data-tipdelayclose="500"data-tipeventout="mouseout"data-tipmouseleave="false"data-tipcontent="html" class="jqeasytooltip jqeasytooltip131" id="jqeasytooltip131" title="solar gain"The rating system used to measure the energy efficiency of Irish buildings.


  1. A syphilitic mummified corpse dating back to the 18th century has been identified as Anna Catharina Bischoff, the great-great-great-great-great-great-grandmother of.

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  3. During the 18th century, techniques were invented to improve the grinding of cocoa beans and by the end of that century chocolate was prepared with milk.

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