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In the Vilnius Jewish community from 1908 to 1915, there are records of 2,125 infant deaths and 9,774 live births, an infant death rate of 21.7%.

The CIA World Factbook estimated that the infant mortality rate in Israel in 2013 is 0.4%.

These death records include 698 stillborn children, a rate of 7.10%.Nechamah married in Antwerp and went with her husband to England. I attach pictures of the Alperovich family and wondered if you could see any family resemblances.The young woman on the left, Jean, was born to one of the Alperovich sisters in Philadelphia and the woman on the right is presumably her mother.'Divine intervention' may have prompted me to search THIS particular index in the wee hours of the morning for my grandmother's given name, but were it not for Litvak SIG, there would have been nothing to search.Danielle Weiner Dallas, TX VAINEROVICH - Vilna, Butrimonys GELER - Vilna, Rudamina SHIBOVSKY - Vilna, Grodno BURSHTEIN - Vilna and Kaunas area LEVIT - Vilna, Aniksht, Panavezys CEYKINSKY, CHAIMOVITZ, TAUB, WINOGRUN, SZEJMAN, OKUN - Vilna and now - KOTLOVSKY and GUREWICZ - Vilna The Vilnius District Research Group (DRG) has received the translation of the Vilnius City Death records for the period 1908-1915.As usual, I started out by sorting on the surname but didn't find anyone in my family......UNTIL I decided to sort on the 'Given Name' column. My grandmother, Dina - for whom I have been searching for years - along with all the necessary verifying information.I have benefited and enjoyed all the photos and documentation. Rabbi Nokhum, "the Saint of Grodno." Early this morning I was looking at one of the recent Internal Passport databases I received from Howard Margol and Peggy Freedman.Because they are in spreadsheet format, it is possible to sort them by column.According to Wikipedia, the current rate in the US is approximately 0.87%, the current rate in the UK is 0.05%.Infant mortality is measured as deaths of children under the age of one year divided by the number of live births.


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