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This is because stories have a way of reaching out to everybody regardless of age or race.

Moreover, great authors are identified by their ability to capture readers in this manner.

Danielle Steel stands out as more than just a great author.

She is a heroine in her own right, thanks to her creation of some of the greatest stories of all time.

It is typical for every society to have certain unique traditions and outstanding people.

On most occassions she was alone at home as her father was away on business.Steel went through several other divorces afterwards following her subsequent marriages.She divorced her fifth husband of four years in 2002. One of her sons, Nicholas, died in 1997 following an overdose of heroin.Biography of Danielle Steel New York City, August 14, 1947 is the place and time that Steel was born.Her father, John Steel was the proprietor of a firm that produced drugs. They named her Danielle- Fernande Dominique-Schulein Steel.In honor of her son’s memory, Steel wrote a book about his life and death.The novels by Steel have always been bestsellers, most of them topping honorary lists.Her writing expertise spreads to include children’s fiction and poetry. Usually, the story involves characters in some sort of crisis which threatens to meddle in their relationship.More often than not, the stories focus on pertinent life issues such as family crises, death, relationships, suicide, divorce, war and illness.Family Album and The Long Road Home are two of the books she wrote that came to top the New York Bestseller’s list.Family Album was first published in 1985 by Random House.


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