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Dating female ministers

she is not really in control of her life,' al-Huwaider noted.

'It is not up to her, it's up to her male guardian.'She said the 'guardianship system' is the first thing that should be removed by the new Saudi government.'This is the main thing that is controlling our life,' al-Huwaider said.

Taylor cautioned us about the temptations we would be facing. (Fifteen years after she sat in my office making herself available to the young preacher, while preaching in another state, I spotted that woman and her husband–the same husband whose antics had given her cause to seek my counsel originally–in the congregation.

“The day will come when a woman will sit in your office and proposition you. If your marriage is in trouble or if you are not up-to-date in your relationship with your Lord, you could get in big trouble fast.” I raised my hand. Taylor,” I said, “do you really believe that every one of us in this room will face this? I was thankful I had gotten this thing right in my office that day.) The writer of Proverbs tried to do the same thing Dr.

He gets rather explicit in his counsel to a young husband to satisfy himself intimately with his wife and with no one else. “The sons of Eli were worthless men; they did not know the Lord” (I Samuel ).

Many a man of God has sabotaged his own ministry by sexual sin. “They lay with the women who served at the doorway of the tent of meeting” ().

Many a pastor has paid the ultimate price for sexual sins.

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King Abdullah appointed al-Faiz to serve as the newly created vice minister for women's education as part of a major Cabinet reshuffle in February.

Resigned in protest against the economic policies of the government. Former Civil Servant in the Economy Ministry and Deputy Minister of Finance.

Before there was a folk singer by that name, James Taylor was a professor of preaching.

” My mind was incapable of imagining a scenario in which a woman–any woman–would sit in a pastor’s office and try to seduce him. Taylor did for us in seminary that day: prepare the young lad for what he would be facing down the road.

The remedy for this–in a sense, the armor which protects one from such a vamp–the writer goes on to say, is to “drink water from your own cistern” ().


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