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Our business activities benefit from the fact that we in our Group network think and work on a cross-company, cross-functional basis. After all, the really big objectives can only be achieved together. The Group becomes part of the newly established Vereinigte Stahlwerke AG, Europe’s largest steel company.

"together" is a pledge we give our customers, our partner companies, and ourselves. Fritz Thyssen is named Chairman of the Supervisory Board, a position he would hold until 1939.

Many employees identify with and are proud of these.

That’s a great starting point for a strong brand, and that is something we absolutely want to have.

As well as steel, the newly formed Thyssen AG produces machinery, automotive components, ships, and elevators, and is active in the field of logistics.

The global financial crisis hits the Group hard, and the new steel mills in Brazil and the US fail to grow as projected. Restructuring becomes absolutely focused on the global distribution of (raw) materials, with around 480 branches in 44 countries.

Seventy-five percent of the plants have been destroyed or dismantled as a result of the war.

In doing so, Materials Services ensures that necessary parts are always available when they are needed, where they are one of the leading manufacturers of passenger transportation systems.Following the acquisition of Rheinstahl AG, the Rheinstahl arch is incorporated into the Group logo.This was inspired by the Rheinstahl pavilion at the 1955 Hanover trade fair.Its product range includes passenger and freight elevators, escalators, moving walks, passenger boarding bridges for airports, and stair and platform lifts.Elevator Technology consistently sets new standards for the entire industry with its innovative, energy-efficient technology, including revolutionary solutions such as TWIN, MULTI, and ACCEL for even smarter mobility.specializes in the construction of large-scale plants for industrial enterprises.In the machinery sector, the Business Area supplies components for construction equipment, wind turbines, and many general engineering one of the world’s leading providers of fine flat steel. We were just waiting for the right time – and now it has come.The Business Areas Steel Europe and Steel Americas stand for high-quality steel products, innovative manufacturing technologies, and customer-specific material solutions that pave the way for complex applications in a wide array of industries. That’s because we have made excellent progress in the change process.Rebuilding and diversification into new lines of products begin, including plant systems and automobile components.are transferred to the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Foundation which assumes ownership of Fried. Berthold Beitz is appointed chairman and leads the Group during the years of restructuring in the 1970s and 1980s.Which is why we are thinking today how we want to be tomorrow.And we know today what the world of tomorrow and our customers need.


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