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As Buster goes up the stairs on his way to the principal's office, Babs is dressed in a mourning gown, crying, as she has heard what has happened.Buster tells Babs that he is willing to take the fall this time.Buster and Babs tell the viewers that while most of the students have lunch in the cafeteria, Bookworm, as the smartest student in class, has his lunch at the Looniversity Library.In the third act, Buster and Babs tell the viewers about the Looniversity faculty, including Pete Puma the Janitor, and Foghorn Leghorn, who assigns his students surprise pop quizzes.

Later, as she looks for him, she looks in The Jungle Book, and gets chased by the animals from the book.It opens a door to fast and safe online dating, chatting with the naughtiest guys and girls and the hottest profiles online.Buster and Babs welcome the viewers and show them what a typical day in Acme Looniversity is like.The site contains both moderated and real members which lets you use it for both entertainment and real dating purposes.cannot guarantee the authenticity of it's members with absolute certainty, especially personal characteristics as gender, date of birth and their appearance.She asks him if she can have his stereo, and Buster tells her she is out of his will.Hamton appears in one of the lockers, dressed as a priest, telling Buster about his naughty actions.Many members found sex, love and friendship on here!Don't hesitate any longer, take this opportunity to register as a free member!Sweetie is ready to knock him out with a hammer, but she can't find him, so he grabs her hammer and whacks her instead.She eventually catches him, but the rocket from Right Stuff chases her all over the library.


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