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Drey's sole effort, it seems, was to recruit sales agents who would market Remington typewriters, though not bearing the Remington name." Other Remington models were labeled for sale by department stores such as Sears Roebuck (the Porto-Rite), Butler Brothers, or Macy's (the Macy's machines usually have a red star on a corner and the Macy's name on a decal in the back).Finally, Remington manufactured noiseless portables for Underwood.This is research in progress: I invite everyone to e-mail me with further information about any of these typewriters, especially the less common ones, and I'll add it to this page.I would also love to get pictures of models I haven't pictured here, or of beautifully colored specimens.The Remington portable typewriters of the twenties and thirties are a familiar sight in antique shops and flea markets across the U. However, it is difficult to find information about these machines. Many of them are charming and attractive, and there are few collectors who don't have at least one.

(Remington's strategy for surviving the Depression seems to have been to flood the market with every conceivable variant of its two basic portable designs.) What follows is an attempt to systematize what I know about portable typewriters made by Remington before World War II.These models, like all Remington typewriters made from August 1914 through August 1928, use a 2-letter, 5-numeral code.The first letter represents the model of the typewriter (J for the Junior, N for the #1 and #2, or K for the Rem-Blick).Failing that, look in the upper right corner of the slotted comb from which the keyboard emerges.I am too busy to look up serial numbers, so I cannot give you an exact date for your typewriter based on the serial number.For example: KX80608 is the six hundred and eighth Rem-Blick made in the month of May, 1928.Two basic mechanisms are used in Remington portables.Although Remington promotional literature boasts that both of these mechanisms were "engineered, developed, pioneered" by Remington, the geared linkage was actually introduced by Wellington P. When you find a Remington portable, the carriage may appear to be frozen. Try to release the carriage by holding the carriage with your left hand and pulling out on the right platen knob with your right hand.Kidder in 1891 on his Franklin typewriter, and the noiseless technology was first used by the Noiseless Typewriter Company, which came out with the Noiseless Portable in 1921 and was bought in 1924 by Remington. If that doesn't work, there should be a small upright lever on the left end of the platen that will release the carriage if you pull it slightly to the left and then to the back. [American Writing Machine, which was controlled by Remington]." The Century, which started production no later than June 1919, includes several major modifications, such as ribbon spools located on top of the machine instead of hidden in the back."It is smaller, it is lighter, it is designed for the simpler uses," says a 1915 ad. Serial numbers: 2-letter, 5-numeral code beginning with N Number made: 400,000?This model was not a market success, and its production was complicated by the disruptions of the First World War. Remington company serial records say, "The 3-Bank Rem. first made April, 1914 at [the Smith Premier factory in] Syracuse [New York]. These little machines were marketed aggressively and were a great success.


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