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Dating adwords

But did you know that you cannot show ads for medical devices, and that some online dating ads are not allowed?

Here’s an in-depth look at some of these Ad Words restrictions, including some PPC rules you may not know about.

In some cases, ads containing restricted content can be shown but will only be visible to certain users in particular locations.

Here’s a quick summary of the main industries that are subject to these restrictions: Ads that show any knowledge of a user’s medical history are prohibited.

Google separates these ads into “family safe” and “not family safe” to give advice to Ad Words users on what is and is not permitted.

Family safe ads include any general online information and sites for all sexualities and interests.

If your business is in Employment Services, Consumer Services or Education, you’re going to want to keep a really close eye on your Display campaigns and test constantly to see if it’s even worth being there. Because, on average, the bottom five industries for clicks-through are: Even with an average CTR under 1%, you could still be doing exponentially better than the competition in any of these industries.

For example, an average display CTR of 0.95% in real estate really isn’t that terrible when you consider it’s a whopping three times higher than the average!

Google is becoming increasingly strict about its restrictions on what advertisements on its Ad Words network can and can’t say and promote, particularly for certain industries.This is why the context of industry benchmarks is so critical — you don’t want to be fooled into thinking you’re doing great when really, your performance may only be average, at best. You want to be that shining, sparkling, glorious unicorn advertiser who outperforms the average by would be an above-average performance. In fact, if you’re only getting the average 1.91%, you’re way behind the competition, because the Dating and Personals average CTR for Search is 3.4%!You’ll have to do way, way better than the Search-wide average to compete in these industries, as well: In these industries, you’ll need average click-through rates of 10% to 15% to achieve true unicorn status, but with a little elbow grease, you can be an advertising unicorn, too.You might feel like your click-through rates (CTRs) are lagging a bit (or completely suck) — or maybe you think you’re doing really awesome with 2% to 5%, and you can’t stop patting yourself on the back…but how do you know how your CTR looks? There are some industries you might just assume have lower than average CTRs, but without visible or consistent benchmarks, it’s impossible to know whether your performance is normal, actually ahead of the pack, or lagging far behind.We recently took a deep dive into our client data — which includes over a billion dollars in annualized Ad Words spend–in order to get an accurate and up to date picture of click-through rates across twenty very different industries.This means you cannot show an ad for anxiety support or a specific medical device, as this implies knowledge of private user information.However, remarketing is allowed for anything targeting medical professionals.General information on cosmetic surgery or reconstructive surgery ads are permitted in Ad Words.However, anything regarding breast augmentation, outside of reconstruction, is restricted.Financial restrictions apply to not only credit card companies, but also banks and their affiliates.There are strict rules about remarketing with financial institutions.


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