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Dating a loner guy

Moon in CANCER You require tenderness, understanding and security.You have the capacity for real depth and intensity of emotions that gives you an almost "psychic" sensitivity to the feelings of others.The Moon sign reveals the special needs a person has to feel emotionally satisfied and secure.The Moon position gives insights about a person's domestic nature and home preferences, and the type of relationship he (or she) has had with his mother or women in general. When two people have compatible Moon signs, they enjoy just being in each other's space. Often, (especially if their Mercury's are compatible) they can talk for hours and feel like they've known each other for years! They're likely to appreciate the same home décor, and have similar food preferences and eating habits.Because they have complimentary habit patterns, they respond to daily problems and minor differences in similar ways.

You're likely to be compatible with those who have their Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars in Gemini, Libra, Aquarius and Sagittarius.Have you ever said to a friend, "He's such a great guy and our sex is hot, but I don't feel emotionally safe with him." Or, "She's really pretty, but I don't feel any emotional connection when we make love." Or, "We have such great sexual chemistry, but he's so detached during sex that it makes me feel emotionally insecure." Have you every met someone who attracts you sexually, but you just didn't feel any emotional connection to them?If your regular dating experience is that you rarely meet someone who, both emotionally and sexually, attracts you - it could be because you are dating the wrong type of man (or woman) to fit your emotional needs.Incompatible Moon signs between a couple can produce emotional confrontations and disharmonious day-to-day living together.Their habit patterns clash and they have major differences in personal behavior and eating habits (e.g.You can be rather impatient and have an emotionally volatile nature, often behaving impulsively without carefully considering the consequences of your actions.Your nature is to have sudden flare-ups of temper, which begin and end quickly and are soon forgotten.You insist on doing what you want whether it's right or wrong.Because of this tendency, you resent anyone interfering with your actions.You may be inclined to rationalize your emotions to the point where you don't know how you feel inside.Your tendency to be nervous and restless and constantly on the move can result in becoming excited about doing "ten things at once," but not finishing any of them.


  1. Former music teacher Karen Markham has chosen to shun 21st-century distractions and live as a hermit. But the wider world has cast a shadow over her seclusion.

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