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Darkwave gothic and dating

So the aforementioned blog had uploaded the one song by Innocence, “Where I Stand”, and scans of their 7″. We see on the front of the jacket the name of the band and also a black and white photo of the band. We do know the names but we don’t know which name corresponds to each other on the photo: Rich Briggs: vocals Mark Oldrey: guitar John Young: keyboards Paul Bacon: bass Kevin Stanfield: drums The songs are credited to be written and produced by the band. Again limited to 200 copies their “Crystal Clear Winter” 7″ comes packaged in a similar fashion, only this time instead of a poster you get a postcard.They were recorded at Goldust Studios in Bromley, Kent, on February 1989. The photo taken on the front was taken by Mark Ingram. Of course I wasn’t expecting a Soundcloud or a Bandcamp, but perhaps a little writeup, some bio information, something else. The songs on this sea blue vinyl are “Sand Castle” and “Underneath the Ice” Sweet and introspective, the band released also another 7″ with the label almost at the same time called “Summer Filled With Blue“, so check that one out too.I’ve actually covered a band from Hornchurch before, right? I try to look for the band members, but it ends up being almost impossible. Check out the video for the song “My Dancing Days are Done” too!A quick look on my blog and I found that I wrote about The Irregulars, who also hailed from this place! I do find a Richard Briggs living in New Zealand, a John Young and a Mark Oldrey living in London and all of them seem to be friends on Facebook. ————————————————- Continuing with my crusade of documenting indiepop history I check out the catalog of one of the most important Manchester labels, Ugly Man Records. It is hard to own all the records I want because of money and also because of space!

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The song is also called “Fantasma” and it is really enjoyable. We know that it was formed by Oswald Zapata and it might just be a one-man band.

He mentions that he is influenced by shoegaze and jrock and pop.

I know there have been many posts in the last few weeks, but I’ve been more curious than usual about the music I love. Last post I announced the Salt Lake Alley 7″ that will be released by Cloudberry this spring. The songs on the record are “Tomorrow” and “Bowling Green”, and at this time you can stream the latter.

I have shared the Sound Cloud for the song “Deals at the Crossroads” that is the opening track. But I must say now that you can pre-order the record on our website, on Next month, in March, I hope to announce our next 7″ by a fab new Mexican band. Now a few more cool pop finds for you to enjoy while you wait for the blog’s return! I must say I’m not a fan of the artwork, especially compared to the previous art for all Birdie releases, but in this case it doesn’t matter. And here there will be two new songs for her discography.


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  4. Emo and Goth are actually distinctive in their own way ‘“ and their key differences are what we will try to uncover here. First, here’s a quick.

  5. Welcome to Avantgarde Music was dead, long live Avantgarde Music!

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