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Czech young adult sex meeting

He said: ‘These astonishing claims will ring alarm bells all over Britain.

Jeremy Corbyn is a man who wants to lead this country as our Prime Minister yet has repeatedly sided with our enemies.

‘What was important for us was to be able to move on, get more contact to create a network. He knew I was there as a diplomat.‘At that time there was no question about whether you were working for the St B or as a diplomat. There was no reason to stress that I was working for the St B because I was working in diplomacy.’Mr Sarkocy, who went on to become a businessman after going back to Slovakia and having a brief return to spying before the fall of the Iron Curtain, added: ‘Corbyn admired the Soviet Union at the time …

Money wasn’t his sole motive.‘These were all highly intellectual and mature people, graduates of universities like Cambridge, Oxford.’Asked how he tried to establish Mr Corbyn as a contact, he said: ‘Well you come and get to talking, you politely ask whether he’d like to co-operate or not, how he sees things.

The ex-spy claimed the then backbench MP was also in touch with other St B agents working from within the agency.

Asked if he met Mr Corbyn on more occasions than documented, he said: ‘Yes, of course.

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Mr Corbyn invited Gonzalez to Commons meetings on Cuba-US relations, but he was denied a visa by then home secretary Theresa May on security grounds.

However, Mr Sarkocy – who at the time used the alias Lieutenant Jan Dymic – said they met more often than the three times listed in archived records.

He said Mr Corbyn was a regular at events within the Czech embassy in Kensington, London, at the time.

But speaking for the first time about the allegations yesterday, Mr Sarkocy directly challenged Mr Corbyn’s account, insisting the MP had known about his role within Statni Bezpecnost (St B) – the Communist era secret police force in the country.‘It was a consensual collaboration,’ Mr Sarkocy said.

At his home in rural Slovakia, the 64-year-old added: ‘He was our asset, he had been recruited.


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