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The metal housing is sturdy and elegant, with well-placed tactile buttons and dials that further inspire the user's confidence.The large area of the 17.3 x 13.0mm sensor contributes to better control of depth of field as well as improved shadow detail over versus smaller-sensor cameras.With a filtered ISP, content filtering is not an option you select and set up; it is built-in and automatic for all users. The ratings have been calculated based on several comparative reviews.For explanation of features, hover your mouse over the term you wish to have defined.Most major ISP's (Internet Service Provider) like America Online, MSN or Earthlink, provide parental controls that allow you to adjust the nature of content available to each screen name.This means each family member can have customized access to the Internet based on age at no additional charge.The app can also generate a live image from the camera and settings can be controlled though the app as well.An advancement among point and shoot cameras, the D-LUX (Typ 109) shares the design and quality aspects photographers associate with Leica.

As a result, subjects can be better isolated within the frame and more details are apparent in darker areas of the image with less noise.* Browse Control provides discounts when purchased in bulk, like for a computer lab. Some filtering products, like Symantec and Mc Afee, are part of a package of software tools that also include virus protection, popup blockers, and other security features.The advantage: with one purchase, you can take care of several important concerns.While photos and videos can be downloaded from the memory card, Leica has provided additional options for sharing content taken with the D-LUX (Typ 109) even more convenient.Integrated Near Field Communication (NFC) and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n allows for smartphones or tablets with the Leica Image Shuttle app the ability to record pictures even while shooting.Details, contrast, and colors are accurately captured too.The integrated f/1.7-2.8 Leica DC Vario-Summilux Lens maintains excellent light-gathering ability even when fully zoomed, helping to free the user from exposure limitations, even in low light.When lower video resolutions are sufficient, 1080p full HD or standard definition video can be selected instead, and results of any resolution can be played back on the camera's large, sharp 3.0" 921k-dot rear LCD display.During capture, the subject can also be viewed through the camera's 2764k integrated electronic viewfinder.The catch: these products typically cost more than a stand-alone internet filtering product and have annual subscriptions.The following links below provide additional information about commercially available internet filters.


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