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Cuddle buddy dating

Thanks in advance to all comments.hiya, well this is a very interesting thread!!! So the premise is a GREAT idea..i know myself i would end up seducing her or probably vise-versa...(and she would meet NO resistance).i would be nice though...wouldn't it? Friends with benefits is nice but not when feelins arise........ If I'm thaaaaaaaaaat comfortable with him, that I can lay n'cuddle n'snuggle.... I think some women feel that when it becomes that intimate, that relaxing, that honest....

i i do actually have a relationship like this with all my friends i especially have a close relationship like this with a male frined we are so close its unbelievable but dont get me wrong there is none what so ever sexual intimacy between us we have been friends from pre school so i guess we are bound to be close and the best thing is he has a girlfriend who is happy for me to be around and vise versa as he told her we come as a you do find somebody who is willing to help you in this because there is nothing no better in the world than a huge cuddle from a friend x x x p.s. excellent concept..i think for myself..i was comfortable enough to lay beside her...i would probably start snuggling into her neck....perhaps a nibble of the ear... I can sleep or lay with a guy in bed and not touch him.... But a lil warm feelin sometimes creeps upon you and it can be more than you want from them ....... sex would be the greatest thing and a natural progession...I'd call that a relationship.

Meh, no biggie, like I said, the Palm Sisters have yet to refuse any of my advances. They would be girls that you can hang out with doing normal friend activities but with the addition benefits of the non-sexual physical intimacy.

Girls, would you find this type of relationship "weird" or unacceptable?

But to be that close to someone, along with talking to them and getting to know them, then NOT to be able to develope a relationship with them, kind of makes you a little bit crazy (not in the wierd sense, just frustrated). I reccommend you just stay on the track of looking for someone to develope a relationship with.

Then, you have cuddle, fvck and any other kind of buddy you could want.

I classify it as "other activities" but I've found that most guys take that as me wanting to online cyber sex chat or meet up for a quickie...maybe you could give me advice on how to find guys like yourself .

Look, I don't like being touched by strangers.

Sadly, there are people to whom sex comes easier than cuddling...regular - I don't quite follow you. What I think you are saying is " there are chicks I don't want to bang, but if I want to cuddle with them, I want to bang them first" And that doesn't quite make sense to me.

That's is a chick you really want to bend over your couch, but she won't let you do it, so you put up with the frustration because you want her so bad and are afraid to let her go. Sad as it is, I miss those things the most too and like you ONS and friends with benefits are not an option for me.

But if you have enough in common to be friends and you feel comfortable enough to do those things which for some people like me might be even more intimate than sex, you are definately more then friends.

and I don't know what you'd call this in terms of relaying it in your profile.

I would not find this weird or unacceptable at all.


  1. Feb 20, 2015. If dating and hookup apps like Tinder and Grindr have left you feeling jaded about the online dating world, Cuddlr is offering an alternative with a strictly platonic way of finding cuddle buddies for a night in for snuggling. Cuddlr is a location-based app designed for those looking to just cuddle instead of.

  2. I have recently became Single and i decided to find myself a cuddle buddy i am not ready for a relationship yet and i don't want one night stand. I.

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  4. Nov 9, 2015. As temperatures begin to drop, people are scrambling to find a companion for the long, cold winter. Why watch Netflix and chill by yourself on a snow day, when you could be snuggled under the covers with that special someone? If you're starting to feel lonely, it may be time to find a cuddle buddy. Here are.

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