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Cowboy dating sight

There are help buttons strategically placed throughout various sections of the site that provides explanations, tips or instructions.The ability to save "multiple" custom searches I found to be nice feature.The registration process is a tad lengthy, mostly because you're not prepared for all the questions and fields you have to fill out just to sign up.Personally I would prefer they shortened the sign up process and let the user fill in the more complex fields later on at their own leisure as some of them require time to think over.There's endless sites that provide reviews on dating sites, but what I've found is the vast majority are nothing more than ad sites and/or affiliate sites that get a commission if you happen to click and join one of the sites.

They also have a free 3 day trial premium membership when you join which gives you the opportunity to evaluate the site before deciding to pay.It's more of a hybrid dating and social networking site for cowboys, horse people, and country folks in general.In other words it's for anyone interested in horses or the country lifestyle regardless of marital status.If you browse enough review sites you'll find the descriptions and reviews are nearly identical.Here I'm going to provide reviews of a few dating sites that I've actually joined and tried and will give my own personal opinions of what I thought of each site.Some of the marketing tactics are bit questionable and almost offensive, there's a bunch of video ads for Rider which seem more like ads for a porn site rather than a dating site for down to earth country people, here's just a few examples ...Rider Mate Video 1Rider Mater Video 2Rider Mate Video 3Rider Mate Video 4 Upon first arriving at the site, the overall aesthetics and appearance of the site's design isn't very appealing and seems a tad amateurish, and it's not as feature rich compared to other sites in this class.Join now and you can discover how easy it is to find that special person or just new friends who share your equestrian interests.Whether you are looking for horse singles, horse friends or you are interested in finding other horse lovers to chat with or someone who loves polo, rodeo, jumping, endurance, fox hunter, trail riding, horse racing, can be the perfect one for you to find the date or relationship that is your perfect match.Now these are just my opinions and yours may differ, so check them all out for yourself.The name pretty much tells you what and who the site is for ... The site appears to have a large number of members, however I found the vast majority don't have a "Gold Membership" which could partly be because of their rather steep prices.


  1. Sep 20, 2012. Five years ago, the Cowboys' attempts to secure as a domain name for their website was thwarted by pure stupidity. Today, it turns out, the website is thriving, just not as a medium for all things Dallas Cowboys. It's now a dating site for gay people. Yesterday morning a press release.

  2. Horsedate is the best and largest online equine dating site for lovers of the horse. It's also an exclusive community where single horse lovers and friends, single cowboys and cowgirls meet. Join now and you can discover how easy it is to find that special person or just new friends who share your equestrian interests.

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