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they fan and flash at conspecifics when defending territories.

They have stout wings and what our volunteers considered to be cantankerous dispositions; seldom did a rufous-tail sit quietly in a mist net after capture.

This is a species that hangs out primarily in forest canopies from Central America into northern South America; it's interesting that disjunct populations occur as far away as Trinidad and Brazil., that breeds in western Canada and the northwestern U. and occasionally shows up in winter across North America.

The adult male Scintillant in the photo above had an amazingly brilliant and wide gorget that flared out on the posterior corners.

Rufous-tailed Hummingbirds are sexually monomorphic, with males and females looking alike externally.

Both sexes have iridescent green heads and bodies and slightly decurved bills with some degree of red.

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We hope you enjoy the following portfolio of 13 colorful Costa Rican hummingbirds "in-the-hand" and will sign up to join one of our future expeditions hummingbirds were constantly hitting our mist nets, so beginning Day One after we held a rufous-taled for examination by the group we instructed everyone to carefully dump them out of the nets and wait for something else.These community guidelines will provide a practical and ethical guide for using HDOn as well as set forth HDOn Tap's official policies on acceptable community behavior and community rules. By reading, posting and participating in the HDOn Tap community, you agree to abide by these community guidelines.Comments on the HDOn website are facilitated through Spot. IM is available by emailing [email protected] is not directly provided by HDOn Tap.Green-breasted Mangos breed from Mexico to Costa Rica; in 2005 we even mist netted some on San Andrés Island in the Caribbean Sea about 140 miles east of Nicaragua.The species is believed to be partly migratory within Mexico and wanders into the U.If you are not sure if something you want to post will breach community guidelines or in the event that you have a disagreement with a moderator, please contact [email protected] note that response to inquiries of this kind are at the discretion of HDOn Tap.Community members may also flag posts if they believe something may be in violation of our Community Guidelines.Once a post has been flagged, it will be reviewed by the moderation team.Users are encouraged, though not required, to create a Spot. Any "guest" posts as well as posts that fail automatic moderation (see more on this below) are subject to moderator review prior to being posted and may be subject to up to a two-day delay. Multiple accounts for the same person will be removed and the originating IP Address may be blacklisted. With regard to nest cams specifically, information on other nests may be limited or removed, especially when the featured nest is active.This is to limit confusion for community members and is at the sole discretion of HDOn Tap staff and Live Cam Ambassadors.


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