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Superintendents are an important part of the consolidation process, and while they are not unbiased, they have the authority and experience to comment.

So, the BGA reached out to superintendents in districts that consolidated in the past decade to get their thoughts on the consolidation effort and its effect on education in their communities.

The Keystone School District is a small, rural public school district in Clarion County, Pennsylvania.

It serves the boroughs of Shippenville, Knox, and Callensburg, as well as the townships of Beaver Township, Elk Township, Licking Township, Ashland Township, and Salem Township.

When it comes to school district consolidation, it’s important to consider what realities your district is facing and what is important in your community and the surrounding area.

Consider some of these potential benefits and costs: Benefits: Since the 1980s, the state has provided a series of financial incentives to make it easier for districts to consolidate.

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Hastings of the Milford Area District, located in east central Illinois, said that “combining two district resources into one organization [allows for] better funding” and fewer board members.Consolidations happen when two or more school districts, either elementary and/or high school districts, merge together to form a new, single school district.Between 19, there were 62 consolidations, mainly in rural communities.It is no secret that Illinois is home to the greatest number of government units in the nation, nearly 7,000.Following the passage of Senate Bill 3 in the summer of 2017, which made the process of consolidating units of local government easier, there has been renewed interested in streamlining government. With 852 separate districts, Illinois comes in third, bested only by Texas and California, whose populations are more than double ours.Superintendent Jeffrey Humes of Odin Public School District (301 students), Superintendent Dale Hastings of Milford Area District (650 students), and former superintendent Ron Graham of North Mac District (1,477 students) shared their thoughts.All three of their districts are in rural Illinois.None of the suprindenants we spoke with experienced a decrease in administrative costs in their districts after consolidation.In fact, Humes noted, “administrative costs didn’t change” nor did tax rates, when Odin’s elementary and high school districts consolidated.According to the Local Government Consolidation & Unfunded Mandates Task Force there are four incentives available to school districts: According to the task force, about 5 million in incentives have been paid out for district consolidations and other reorganizations from 1986 to 2015.As a result of these incentives, the Classrooms First Commission found the state would bear significant cost if school district consolidation took place en masse.


  1. According to a study by the Pennsylvania School Boards Association 2009, there is active legislation in. One state seeks to encourage consolidation by providing economic incentives for districts that consolidate, while two will. directed its 290 school districts to consolidate into 80 regional school units. To date, only 27.

  2. Dec 28, 2013. But for all the expenses Pennsylvania public schools shaved in the past several years, district mergers that could trim millions of dollars remain mostly off the. The idea roughly mirrors school consolidation in states such as Arkansas, where more than a third of school districts have merged since 2002.

  3. Executive Summary. Can school district consolidation improve academic programs, increase student achievement and improve cost efficiency in. Pennsylvania schools? This question has drawn the attention of policymakers and state and local educational agencies alike for decades. Since the 1950s, many school districts.

  4. May 10, 2017. A slide prepared by the district compares Erie's public schools to other Pennsylvania districts. - Source Erie School District. Beyond the broken funding formula, employee pensions are a big drain. The district also hands over close to 15 percent of its budget to charter schools, which are publicly funded but.

  5. Independent Districts. Section 293.2. Consolidation of Municipalities. Section 294. Disapproval of Plans. Section 295. Department of Public Instruction to Prepare Plans. Section 296. Establishment of Reorganized School Districts. Section 297. Advance Establishment. Section 298. Property and Indebtedness and Rental.

  6. Numbers such as these have long drawn the ire of policymakers, and in an era of budget cutbacks, “fragmented” school districts serve as prime targets for consolidation. At the beginning of this year, lawmakers in Indiana, Kansas, Mississippi, Pennsylvania and Oklahoma all introduced legislation aimed at merging school.

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