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Consolidating debt nonprofit organization

Debt Reduction Services is certified compliant by BVQi NA, Inc.

to the ISO 9008 Quality Management System Standard in order to ensure the highest level of quality service to our clients.

I am proud to say over the years we have helped thousands of clients get out from underneath the cumbersome burden of debt.

For those clients where bankruptcy is a better solution, we provide bankruptcy counseling, which is required to complete the bankruptcy process.

Our Debt Counsellors help people look into all relevant information and explore all alternatives to filing bankruptcy in Kamloops, BC.

Our intention is to offer the highest quality of instruction and credit counseling, and in those instances where applicable, couple that instruction and counseling with our debt management programs, also known as debt consolidation.

Our mission is to promote financial responsibility to our clients and community members nationwide.

We will do everything possible to guide you smoothly through the entire process.

Of course, besides our multitude of educational avenues, we offer our debt management plans (dmps) for qualified candidates: repayment plans that enable our clients to pay off their unsecured debt often with the benefit of reduced interest, and eliminated late and over limit fees.


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