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This study utilizes data from 5,797 6 comprehensive approach to a “standard of care” approach (Safe Dates).The present study focuses on student survey data from the first two school years of the evaluation–baseline and follow-up (2012-2013) and fall and spring follow-up (2013-2014).

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The views expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views or the official position of the U. Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice or any other organization. Giordano for her contributions to the STRi V instrument design and Lauren Bishop for her assistance with presenting the results.

Although carefully collected, accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Every participant reported at least one occurrence of victimization. Currently, however, no comprehensive compendium presents adolescent dating violence measures with evidence of reliability and validity, or discusses strengths and limitations of these measures. Self-efficacy, self-determination and victim blaming as predictors of adolescent sexual victimization.

Part 1 of this review presents behavior measures i. Results showed acceptable reliability indices and confi rmatory factor analyses revealed a good model fi t. Deciding on the number of classes in latent class analysis and growth mixture modeling: A Monte Carlo simulation study.

: Training in conflict resolution strategies is a goal in different intervention contexts, and the Conflict Resolution Styles Inventory is a proven, useful tool for assessing these skills.

Two studies were conducted, one aimed at analyzing psychometric properties of this instrument, and the other at verifying its ability to discriminate between violent and non-violent adolescent dating partners.


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