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Computer mediated communication and dating

The study contributes to a body of work showing that far from being objective, human perceptions are shaped by unconscious brain processes that determine what they "choose" to see or ignore—even before they become aware of it.The findings also add to the idea that the brain evolved to be particularly sensitive to "bad guys" or cheaters—fellow humans who undermine social life by deception, theft or other non-cooperative behavior.The notion of impression management was first applied to face-to-face communication, but then was expanded to apply to computer-mediated communication.The concept of impression management is applicable to academic fields of study such as psychology and sociology as well as practical fields such as corporate communication and media.Their main goal may be to impress the college recruiters in a way that maximizes their chances of being chosen for a college team rather than winning the game.Impression management is usually used synonymously with self-presentation, in which a person tries to influence the perception of their image.A range of factors that govern impression management can be identified.It can be stated that impression management becomes necessary whenever there exists a kind of social situation, whether real or imaginary.

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An example of impression management theory in play is in sports such as soccer.

At an important game, a player would want to showcase themselves in the best light possible, because there are college recruiters watching.

This person would have the flashiest pair of cleats and try and perform their best to show off their skills.

When Goffman turned to focus on people physically presented in a social interaction, the "social dimension of impression management certainly extends beyond the specific place and time of engagement in the organization".

Impression management is "a social activity that has individual and community implications".


  1. Computer-mediated communication theories An early theory of. Documents Similar To The Impact of Emotionality and Self-disclosure on Online Dating Versus.

  2. Little is known about the features, depth, and quality of communication in heterosexual dating relationships that include computer-mediated communication CMC.

  3. This study investigates how computer mediated communication CMC and the electronic mailing system in particular have impacted on productivity and efficiency not to.

  4. While computer-mediated communication use and research are proliferating rapidly, findings offer contrasting images regarding the interpersonal character.

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