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Sexual Battery as defined in the Loyola University Student Handbook is the unwanted touching of an intimate part of another person, such as a sexual organ, buttocks, or breast.Violations of sexual battery may subject a student to penalties up to and including suspension, dismissal and criminal charges.For more information, contact the University Counseling Center or the Women's Resource Center.Programs addressing the problems of rape, acquaintance rape, sexual harassment, and other sex offenses are offered throughout the year at Loyola.Examples would include, but are not limited to, forced insertion, oral copulation, and rape by foreign object, or sodomy.

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These interactive programs can be tailored to include discussion of myths/facts about sexual assault, information about the incident of date rape on college campuses, the role of alcohol/drugs in campus acquaintance rape, acquaintance rape drugs, and risk-reduction strategies.The compelling display increases awareness of the impact of violence against women and also celebrates a woman’s strength and courage to overcome the past.Shirt-making sessions and/or a clothesline display are offered during Sexual Non-Violence Week in April.The Alpha Chi Omega sorority often brings in speakers and promotes awareness of domestic violence through the Purple Ribbon campaign.The Psychology Club has done a toiletries drive for a battered women’s shelter.Various faculty, staff, and students are engaged in preventative measures: questioning why sexual violence is glamorized in our culture, challenging all too prevalent victim blaming, and discussing non-violent constructs of masculinity.In conjunction, we offer a variety of programs and services for individuals in the wake of sexual violence.RADS (Rape Aggression Defense System) offers self-defense techniques to women.Counselors provide crisis support including information regarding options for a victim.For most students, the college experience offers a unique opportunity for personal growth, intellectual stimulation, excitement, and fun.It is time to think critically about oneself and to prepare for the future. Many more will experience some form of unwanted sexual contact or verbal harassment.


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  2. The guides are designed to help colleges and universities implement and maintain violence prevention educational programs and effective policies and procedures in response to violence against women on campus, including sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence,* and stalking, and to improve campus.

  3. Sexual assault prevention programs selected for inclusion must be based in sound theory and research; use current and innovative strategies for violence prevention; and be available for implementation on campuses across the country. Click here to learn more about the system Culture of Respect uses to indicate the level.

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