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: The valedictory function was held in the same auditorium.

Dr / Prof / HOD Chandramouli, Rila Mukherjee, Venugopal Reddy, Subramanyam Reddy and Venkata Ragotham were on the dais.

A ‘lesser’ currency—the —bridged the gap between silver and local currencies all along the Indian Ocean littoral. SAP = Special Assistance Programme and not SAP SE[1] or SAP [] as known.

It created the Eurasian silver century long before the First Global Age between 14.

The function was ended with vote of thanks and National Anthem. Following this, there was an intense drive for acquisition of colonies.

The non- European world, powerless to prevent the onset of this rapacious process, began to experience a decisive and irreversible transformation.

Thus, Opium exported from India to balance the trade of tea. The cultural transaction between the European and non-European worlds was non-intrusive and not very contagious.

Therefore, the research should be oriented to facts, instead wasting time of hypothetical “nation-state” debates, he emphasized. Ramakrishna Rao [1] All are Dr / Prof / HOD and therefore for brevity, they are not repeated here in the list. However, with the coming of the Industrial Revolution and the rise of Capitalism, the European countries witnessed unparalleled growth in their economies and in the realms of culture.


  1. Programme für Team Events, Teambuilding, Incentive, Betriebsausflug, Tagungen in und um Hannover und Celle

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  3. Martin Group of Companies. Lotteries are an ancient form of entertainment. Archaeologists have found evidence of lottery-style games dating back to t

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