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Chlorine 36 dating and the blue stones of stonehenge

No one wants to read about an eleven hour plane flight.We came to Scotland with a family agenda, trying to see the world that Robyn's Dad and Grandparents lived in.

Eventually he got the chance to work for Union Pacific as a dispatcher at Union Station and he did that job for the rest of his working life.It was fun doing it and hope you enjoyed reading about it. Tom Emme, am Thursday July 21, 2016 All Bill Harrow's friends down at the depot in Los Angeles called him "Scotty".He came to America when he was nineteen years old, following his father who came over first.Seeing where Bill / Scotty grew up made us a little sad. All that being said we learned a lot more about his childhood than we ever expected to on this visit.It would have been nice if he could have come along with us today to share a pint with his daughter.Like most of the B&B's they had an attached greenhouse for breakfast.We did our best to find a place to eat that night using Google Maps and Trip Advisor.The room felt luxurious after all our B& B cottage living.Robyn and I had a great time eating dinner and watching a women walking her very reluctant little dog along the canal ( the women was 100 yards away and the dog completely ignored her).Apparently her mother is an author who writes novellas about her families Irish heritage, tracing their difficult path through the famine times....you are interested you can get them on Amazon.Her name is Jean Reinhardt and the most current book is " A Pocket Full of Shells".https://


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