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Chile web dating cl

I now live in a city in Northern Chile where I like to say it never rains!We have an unusual climate here in that we ‘enjoy’ heavy dews and drizzle rather than great big downpours – so everything is kept fresh, but I manage to avoid the constant rain that I really hated when I lived in Northern England.The only things we miss are our friends back home, and the only things we dislike about our new life are the seasonal smog in this city which you can actually taste on a bad day, and the disparity between rich and poor – but then that exists even in America.We’ve discussed the option of moving out of the city at some point because there are times when it’s too hectic for us, but we’ve yet to make our minds up – all I know is that we’re not moving out of the country, wherever we choose it will still be in Chile, and it will probably still be within reach of Santiago!

Mr H: British citizen living and working in La Serena Like many people, when I first moved to Chile I lived in Santiago and believed I was getting to know the country the best way possible – that is by living in its capital city and main hub…however, every time I travelled outside the city I realized that the people in Santiago are not at all representative of Chileans – they are generally more obnoxious and rude and if you want to get the best of the nation you’re better off only visiting Santiago occasionally!The benefit of having this insider’s guide to the city helped us make our minds up that we really could call Chile home…otherwise we’d have gone home none the wiser as vacationers who’d just had a great holiday in a fascinating country.To make life easier we decided to move to Santiago too – it’s the capital of Chile and a really bustling city with so much life and so many facilities, amenities and activities.La Serena is a holiday centre in Chile, which means in season it can be crowded and I do like to get away from the city at the weekend – imagine bumper to bumper traffic and hyped up vacationers taking over.But it’s worth it because out of season we get the city to ourselves.Chile is possibly one of the least talked about expatriate destinations, yet one of the best for expats of all ages and from all backgrounds.The nation has so much in its favor – from a good climate to an affordable cost of living, and from a low crime society to a strong and sustainable economy – that it is really worth examining if you’re looking for a place to call ‘home’ abroad.If our brief examination of just 10 of the best things about Chile have whetted your appetite to learn more about living in Chile, read on to hear how a handful of Escape Artist subscribers have already made their new home in this fascinating South American nation.Mr J: Former US citizen now retired to Santiago When my wife and I first started looking at places to retire overseas we looked at Mexico (too crowded), Panama (too expensive), Italy (too complicated) and Argentina (too foreign).We visited Chile for three weeks prior to making the commitment to move, and when in Santiago we hooked up with another American couple we’d connected with on a forum online.They showed us ‘their’ Santiago and I have to say we were hooked.


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