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Chatterbot uncensored

You suddenly have two people who disagree but will normally try to find common ground and back away from the topic. I like to have meetings with people because I want to get to know who they are in a way I can’t get to know them online. You are using your human instincts to benefit from the encounter and hopefully no one goes away agitated.

We’ve created these social weapons and we don’t know how to use them yet – I think it’s part of this new wave called agitation.

We are losing our privacy and there really isn’t much we can do about it.

Except to ironically air out our grievances on the internet.

Instead of coming together, it feels like we are at times growing apart. This relates back to Microsoft and Tay’s outbursts.

We are trying out a new technology — artificial intelligence — and basically the end result of this test is that the worst of humanity is being revealed.


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