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So, we hired people from Europe to come in and do that certain move, and they made it look amazing. I actually tore my left tendon in my knee, doing my own stunts.I had to fight through it and keep on dancing on it, just because I wanted to do as much as I could for the movie.

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But will their acceptance speech join the ranks with these 11 legendary Best Kiss moments?

” It’s funny to see that his character, Moose, has such a huge affect on people. Jem and the Holograms has no dancing for me, but I’m showing you a new side of me by singing. She was like, “That used to be one of my favorite cartoons, and my sister loves that.” With her reaction, I was like, “Wow, this must be big! Everybody is finding their way, and finding out who they want to become and how they want to become that. Her character is a relatable mom who is trying to find herself after all of these adversities that she’s gone through in life.

I know who Jem is and I had the Jem dolls, when I was a kid, but did you have any idea who the characters were, before doing the film? If they do a sequel, maybe I’ll throw on a purple wig, or have to grow my hair out and die it purple. Just think, if Jem gets a sequel, you’ll be a part of both a dancing franchise and a singing franchise, when you were neither a dancer nor a singer. My character is just a lusting, love-filled, obsessed kid who sees this person that he lives next door to, and just becomes infatuated.

How did you find out that they wanted to bring you back for another Step Up film, and what was your reaction? I fooled everyone enough to make them think I look like an actual professional dancer.

RYAN GUZMAN: I was kind of in shock when they told me. ” I was like, “So, you’ve written the script around my character?! How did being teamed up with Briana Evigan compare, this time around? We wanted people to scratch their heads over how we were going to bring these characters together. They’re both strong-headed, they’re both leaders, and they’re both doing what they think is right.


  1. The latest Tweets from Robert Hoffman @HoffmanRobert. PUNCHROBERT • Irreverent Creator #LetsGoThere • • FB https//t.co/HxhoDLp8Ti • IG/Snap @HoffmanRobert. Los Angeles.

  2. May 7, 2017. Ryan Gosling Rachel McAdams Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart MTV Movie Awards. REX/Shutterstock/AP Photo. Ryan Gosling Rachel McAdams MTV Movie Awards. Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart MTV Movie Awards. Briana Evigan Robert Hoffman MTV Movie Awards. Sarah Michelle Gellar Selma.

  3. Robert James Hoffman III born September 21, 1980 is an American actor, dancer, and choreographer. Contents. hide. 1 Early life; 2 Career; 3 Filmography; 4 Awards; 5 References; 6 External links. Early lifeedit. Robert James Hoffman III was born in Gainesville, Florida, the son of Charlotte and Robert Hoffman II, and.

  4. Jan 31, 2017. Talking about the past love life of Briana Evigan, she was in a relationship with Patrick John Flueger for 3 years. She hooked up with Flueger in 2010 and broke up in 2013 for some unknown reasons. Before dating Flueger, she was with Robert Hoffman for a year. Therefore, Briana Evigan who was in an.

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