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Black dating gay man

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My grandmother believed and still practices the time honored tradition of unrelenting self sacrifice and over concern for people far too old to need it. I took this attitude into my adult life and allowed it to determine my dating patterns.

Like many gay men, I decided if the person was relationship material based on sexual chemistry or whether he was “good” and I was satisfied.

Growing up, I never saw two men date, be in love, build a relationship or a life.

The relationships that most of us saw were heterosexual and severely lacking in complexity.

Having a great roll in the hay tells you very little about the person.

These were not people I would befriend in any other circumstances nor would want friends and anybody that cared anything about me to ever meet. But using sex or the promise of it to determine a date’s “success” or whether this is someone that would make a great partner or friend isn’t the best use of anyone’s time.

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”) forces the realization that none of us knew how to date.

We all knew how to create grief and enough drama to ensure a butt load of Emmys.


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