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at the outside basketball court, there is a ghost of a man that had played there nightly in the past. I have heard that his ghost can be seen actually playing basketball there.

This is an old boarded up house on Tamarack Road in Byram.

You can see marks on the trunk from people attempting to chop it down, they say whoever tries, something bad happens to and sometimes a pickup truck will try to chase you out.

In the Summer that tree is in full bloom and actually quite lovely.

is the actual name of a road located in, New Jersey.

It is said that if you drive down there late at night, and you enter into a patch of fog on the road, it will follow you and you will find footprints on your car...human footprints.

Over the years many employees have experienced many things from ghosts physically appearing (looking very much like a live person) and walking down the hall and disappearing, to the sounds of children playing in the lobby late at night.

The people that are there late at night say they hear voices, footsteps and the chair seats move. It's all woods with dirt winding roads that never end. Witnesses report that there were cars behind them then they disappeared out of nowhere like they weren't even there, sick feelings & apparitions of a woman. It is a place of worship for the staff & campers during the summer - as well as other guests throughout the year.At the end of the field there is a huge hideous looking tree with a branch that extends perfectly parallel to the ground.It is said that the tree was used to hang slaves on and still has a chilling aura to it.Ghost Lake is located on Shades of Death Road in Allamuchy Township the local legends vary - but the prevailing theme is that there was an Indian Graveyard there and settlers built a man made lake over the graveyard.At night the Indians haunt the area - even we (locals) stay away.Plus there are MANY bear families there so be careful.It is said to be, that a long time ago, during the 1900's though, a man was building a "tower" tall enough so that his wife could see the New York Skyline.If you go there just before school season begins you will see a boy opening the doors to the auditorium with school books in his hands. And now the little girl is seen some times looking for her father and her father is still yell for her. If you enter the room in the dark, a cold icy feeling passes over your skin.Also on many nights that the high school has put on plays there is a boy in the back of the room just watching. In addition, bottles have been seen "jumping" off the ledges in the back of the bar, not breaking, and if replaced on the ledge, will again leave the spot to land on the floor.In room 115 there is a room and a sign that says forbidden keep out there is a legend and if you put your hands on the mirror in the second floor girls bathroom and count to ten the mirror will fog up.Turn onto Long Rd, (which is really short) then make a left at the end, you will come upon a highly wooded area and then it just opens up into a field.


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