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Belly expansion fetish dating

Her milky tits were the size of two pink party balloons, nested softly atop her globe like belly. She didn't want to get thrust to the streets when she gave birth.It was a master piece that Gerig has created with his cock, but his cock lay silently in his pants, not aroused as it usually was around her. She walked to the side of the stage to prepare for her first dance. "I hear you're going to be opening the show tonight, bitch." Jelena gave her a long hard look. You seem to be a natural at stealing the spotlight. I'm not sure I can dance for others" "Oh my jesus fuck." Jessica said, rolling her eyes. Why don't you go cry to your mommy, and I'll take this dance." She tweaked her nipples to under her lacy pink gown to test that her milk was coming, and with that she strut on stage."I have an appointment with Jessica" "Oh, it's just that ..." Jelena said coyly, opening her trench coat to reveal her glowing belly, and pulling out her new bottle of pregnancy lubricant."I needed help oiling my growing belly, I don't want to get any stretch marks! He flicked the "do not disturb" sign around on his door and led her to his desk.He cleared the desk with a single swoop and laid her down on it.

so if you can attract his attention before the time you give birth, maybe you'll be wed." "How do I do that? * Jelena typed, Co-breast play - Jelena - Isla = " '$kaching! It was like a small orgasm through her breasts, milk burst from her tit into Isla's surprised mouth, pouring down her neck. Isla was biting her lip, unable to restrain herself.Jelena moaned out with delight as Gerig rubbed her belly and breasts."Today you look as if you're about to pop out twins any minute" "Gerig if you don't fuck me again and give me your seed, I'll have these babies within 24hrs" "Wait ... " "This pill does a little more than get a girl pregnant on the first try." she said, grabbing his thick cock inside his pants. "I haven't even made any money off you yet, you little slut" Jelena was screeching with delight, rattling his desk, begging him to fuck her.He heard a noise by the door and looked up, the first thing he saw was the curve of a tanned belly, a moment later it was followed by the body of the voluptuous Jessica. I don't think I can fuck you tonight" A frown grew across Jessica's face, turning her double chins into triple chins. If one of them purchases you for the evening you could lose what makes you special.She stood head to toe naked, filling up the entire doorframe. "You know our arrangement Gerig." "I've been busy ..." "Busy with that WHORE Jelena!! If you fuck anyone else other than Gerig, he'll never wife you." Jelena rubbed the top of her belly holding her Gerig-triplets.__________________________ The next day Isla took Jelena shopping.They bought shoes, jewelry, make-up and clothes, so many clothes."Every time you fuck me, I'll grow a full term baby within a few hours, that's how my cousin said it works. But if you stop fucking me, my body will be forced to deliver them." "Well we can't have that," He took his lubed had and slid it down to her pussy, slathering it up and sliding his fingers in ... Gerig climbed on top, using her belly for balance and then plunging his huge hard dick inside.He pounded her harder than ever before, causing her taught belly to slide up and down her frame, pushing her swollen breasts into her face.When he came it was with a force that Jelena could feel from within.Her nipples widened, and her belly made a sound like finger being run along a tight balloon. Jelena was wiped from the energy it took to put another life into her.


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  2. Suche jemanden mit dem ich mich erstmal nur über den Fetish unterhalten. full of belly expansion pictures. I do expansion/inflation stuff if anybody's.

  3. I have decided to make an inflation. My belly was swollen and burst. I love when my belly is round and tight!

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  6. This latest fetish has a dedicated and. the goal for both parties is for the gainer to achieve a “ball belly,” a big. Get AlterNet's Daily.

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