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Baby boomer dating sites

As you know, relationships have a tendency of changing, over time.The definitions, provided here, certainly aren’t gospel, but can be used to help you identify what your dating and relationship preferences are, as well help set clear and agreed upon expectations with others.The days of hanging out at the bars, clubs, etc., are over.Today, we have technology, dating sites, that offer drop down menus to select your preference and shop for people who have similar interests as ours. Imagine if we took away technology and you had to go OUT to meet people.However, unliked marriage-minded people, serious relationships don’t need to be legally or spiritually bound to be real. Living arrangements primarily depend upon each person’s flexibility, or lack thereof, which is dictated by their current situation and most recent past relationship(s).

If someone veers from the originally agreed upon FB terms, wanting more when you don’t, hopefully you’re dealing with a rational person and you both move on without issue. FBs are people who know one another, sometimes for many, many years.The following definitions offer a starting point for having a meaningful conversation when beginning a new relationship.Somewhere along the line, Boomers complicated the hell out of dating.They’re on speed dial for the occasional booty call, they may even be your escort to a special event, or just hang out for drinks now and then…WHATEVER FBs are all about convenience, and each person may have multiple FBs.Meet people, in person, talk to them on the phone, use Face Time or a Google Hangout.Get OUT from behind the screen and keyboard and experience one another!who changes the casual dater’s heart, you’re more apt to be disappointed.Not to say that things couldn’t get serious, but if flexibility and choice are key motivators for the casual dater, keep your emotions in check.Until the tides once again turn toward real human interaction, dating sites seem to be the way, which almost requires us to have a common language.If we have to live with technology, let’s use it as a tool, not a discriminator.


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