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I put all the first shred into one pile called the "pimary shred" once the primary pile is big enough i reshred this into a secondary pile. After a certain amount of time I reshred the secondary pile into a final and tertiary plie. Last year in about March i began work on the secondary pile forking and shoveling to my hearts content when a great buzzing and roaring was heard followed by several extremly painful jabs to the chest and arms. for the back door hotly perused by about 3000 European wasps.I had shredded a European wasp nest and they were NOT happy about it.Spasming slightly, (my back had packed it in) I spread that wide swathe upon the naked earth to create a warm and rich mulch for the next generation of plants. It does everything :) Forget about gardening, their true purpose is to help you catch fish.Feed it anything fish related, crab shells, left over bait, Carp, fish carcasses, cockles etc, collect in suitable containers and freeze = excellent burley.even after all this time there are still raised bumps on my chest. Some of the sticks come out about 10-15 cm long so i reshred the whole pile. Then go looking for more stuff that might like to be shredded. Particularly good for palm fronds if you have them. It has a sticker on it saying it shreds palm fronds!The shredder has had an outing since then but it was not quite the fun it had been. Its a good way of "turning the pile" for composting. Seriously, it's a really useful machine, it ticks away munching through quite thick branches and converting annoying big things into a bagful of useful things.I might prune some more stuff though and then feed the shredder.I was in at Bunnings yesterday and saw a brand new Bosch silent shredder.

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His one is a bit different from mine but the noise and the feed is the same.

I admit to thinking of other things that need pruning/removing so I can enjoy feeding them in.

Naturally, the allen key was the first thing to vanish and naturally, it's a weird size. Anyhow, I must confess that once I've finished mulching whatever branches are at hand I have at times tipped bucket loads of of the mulchings back in the top just to continue my shredding addiction... well at least in remission My usual modus opperandi is to shred anything left laying around and not nailed down.

just not about the trumpet vine, I can live with that really! goodness knows how but a tendril of that horrible orange trumpit vine has somehow found it self in the mulching chute...... now mulched" plant is being pulled down to its roots into the mulcher shoot. You know, the one that is mounted on a trailer and feeds into the truck in front. My name is Grrumpy and I use an Ozito silent shredder. Throbbing gently, it grabbed those limbs to grind them hard while softly sucking in the green foliage at the extremities.

I have been addicted for 2 years and have had about 180 days of mulcher free activity. I started with the Stihl chainsaw as a brutal first approach and then used the geared loppers to show my sensitivity and before I knew it, the tree was down and dismembered., Dead and spread, it took up more space than when it was a living pest. It then ejaculated the streaming flow into the willing receptacle dangling below its capacious maw.


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