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Alcoholic and dating again

Or, maybe recovering addicts are encouraged to do so... Take care of yourself:)Danielle One thing we know about us is that our "pickers" are broken, and we tend to pick people without protecting ourselves enough.

And also, somehow they gravitate to us, as if they know who will take on the risky propositions.

I am so scared that my AH will relapse because, like you, I don't ever what to go through this hell again.

I was very close to committing myself to a mental hospital.

So I'm thinking I'd better err on the side of being too picky about alcoholism, rather than not picky enough.

I would absolutely take my time and make sure someone is really working the program before allowing myself to get emotionally involved with them. Sobriety is about more than not drinking...is about living and working the steps and spirituality of this program a day at a time. Pray on it and trust your gut and take your time...........

If you turn it over, the answer will become clear in time.

:) Hi Drummerchick, All I can say on this topic is that there are no guarantees in life. I have dated a so-called recovering alcoholic and it is not easy.

If there was anyone whose recovery was rock solid, it was him. The last I heard, a long time after that, he was still drinking.

That's how cunning, baffling, and powerful this disease is.


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