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These tactics include pop-ups, pop-unders and other ads that you just can’t get rid of.

They put them on porn sites, they put them on sites that are riddled with viruses.

Of course, such marketing is technically not a scam.

But try telling that to the poor sap who just clicked on the wrong link and is now picking apart the remnants of his virtual life as he tries to wade through pop-ups, malware, fake warnings and more, all while seeing the insidious Be Naughty logo everywhere he goes.

Those adults, officials say, can sometimes have bad intentions.

The dating sites aren't liable if someone is victimized through their forums. Once my profile was made, I added a photo for other users to see, and went on to answering a few personal questions about my hobbies and preferences.

Part of the problem (and in some cases the problem) is that they ave affiliate programs and they don’t have strict restrictions on these programs.

The method behind this madness is to “trick” men into joining.If you look at the genuine Be Naughty reviews out there, which is to say not the affiliate reviews, then most are bad.Many have clearly been left by Be Naughty reviewers who have taken a rather negative stance after being spammed.OKCupid's terms of use relieve it from "losses or damages"occurring due to unauthorized use by minors. I had no problems posing as a rich, 70-year-old retiree with a Ph. It took me all of three minutes to create a profile with OKCupid, feeding the site a phony name, birth date, and email address I had created a minute earlier through Google. That’s how the sites match genuine users to similar profiles. I claimed to be making over 0,000 a year, despite being retired and “not ambitious.”I also claimed to be “boring” and a smoker.(The Plenty of Fish site did spit back a prohibited message when I claimed to be married.)While I had some fun with my experiment, local police officials were adamant that the world wide web presents a world of potential danger to kids. We can’t tell you how many times we have heard that question.However, they do employ tactics that you would not expect of a genuine, legitimate dating website.They are tactics that many other sites are known to use (including Ashley Madison) and some experts believe that they actually began with Be Naughty.The site wants them to believe that there is a high ratio of women and that all of their approaches will be met with responses.They want them to believe that they will never be left wanting for a perfect match, and it makes them believe this by creating those perfect matches time and time again. These include the fact that it can be hard to quit and it can be hard to contact women, real ones included.They will not steal your money or your credit card details.They are not out to rob and cheat, at least not in obvious and malicious ways.


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