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The tribal war went on, but the Sioux kept friendship with the French traders, who by this time had reached the Mississippi.In 1680 one of their war parties, descending the Mississippi against the Illinois, captured the Recollect Father Louis Hennepin with two companions and brought them to their villages at the head of the river, where they held them, more as guests than prisoners, until released on the arrival of the trader, Du Luth, in the fall.In 1700 Le Sueur had built Fort L'Huillier on the Blue Earth River near the present Mankato, Minnesota.In 1727, an ineffective peace having been made, the Jesuit Fathers , Ignatius Guignas and Nicolas de Gonnor, again took up work among the Sioux at the new Fort Beauharnais on Lake Pepin.Other cognate tribes are the Assiniboin, Crow, Hidatsa, or Minitarí, Mandan, Winnebago, Iowa, Omaha, Ponca, Oto, Missouri, Kaw, Osage, and Quapaw, all excepting the Winnebago living west of the Mississippi; together with a number of tribes formerly occupying territories in Mississippi and the central regions of the Carolinas and Virginia, all now virtually extinct, excepting a handful of Catawba in South Carolina.

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During Frontenac's administration mission work languished owing to his bitter hostility to missionaries, especially the Jesuits.

Among those killed was the Jesuit father, Jean-Pierre Aulneau.

In 1745-6, the Foxes having been finally crushed, De Lusignan again arranged peace with the Sioux, and between them and the Ojibwa, and four Sioux chiefs returned with him to Montreal.

While thus in custody Father Hennepin observed their customs, made some study of the language, baptized a child and attempted some religious instruction, explored a part of Minnesota, and discovered and named St. In 1683 Nicholas Perrot established a post at the mouth of the Wisconsin.

In 1689 he established Fort Perrot near the lower end of Lake Pepin, on the Minnesota side, the first post within the Sioux territory, and took formal possession of their country for France.


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