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Accommodating culture and cultural diversity in online teaching

These students are mixed with undergraduate students and are given no special treatment except in rare cases. So far, what have been the highlights of my experience as a teacher of Ilokano in our college?

Well, when I first taught the course in 1993, there was no existing syllabus and textbook – workbook.

Who says that Ilokano is hard to learn if they realize that the word in Ilokano.

And when it comes to our Spanish linguistic heritage, they do realize that our regional languages have so many common borrowed words, both in their pure and corrupted forms.

As regards the conduct of classes and teaching strategies, I have been using the communicative approach by using the for dumb.

In the process, the students learn cultural peculiarities and oddities while learning Ilokano.

Another basic aim is for them to develop tolerance and respect for the peculiarities of our regional languages. Each regional language is taught separately owing to the fact that every language has its own distinctive features.

Of course, there were many Ilokano language experts in the college then but they did not teach it as a separate course.

Furthermore, Ilokano literature was offered as a graduate course and as part of the course in regional literature that were taught in both the English and Filipino Departments (Rosal, 2010).

The good news is that hopefully by August this year, this writer will be publishing the first textbook-workbook in FIL. The textbook in Cebuano has long been finished but has not yet been published due to budgetary constraints, (Peregrino, 2010).

For a long time in the history of the University, priority was given by the Administration to the publication and printing of General Education books. Galileo Zafra and Jovy Peregrino, past and incumbent directors of Sentro ng Wikang Filipino – Diliman respectively, our regional languages are now being given attention.


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