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400 online dating method pdf

Secular scientists have recognized the circularity in this argument and have attempted to guard against it by using “independent” checks on the orbital tuning method.

However, these checks are not truly independent, as they all assume the old-earth, evolutionary paradigm.

In the creation-Flood model, however, these sediments must have been deposited within just the last 4300 years or so since the Genesis Flood, since it is likely that the pre-Flood ocean floor was completely subducted down into the mantle during the Flood cataclysm (Baumgardner 1994).

But how do secular scientists narrow this possible age range to actually assign a more precise date (within their worldview) to a layer of seafloor sediment?

And is there a connection between dates assigned to seafloor sediments and dates assigned to the high latitude ice cores?

63) noted “glaring discrepancies” between the theory of their formation and reality.

However, their existence is consistent with extremely fast-moving water indiscriminately eroding both hard and soft sediments.


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